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9 Facts to Know About Ductless Heating Systems

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Hoffmann Brothers, a Jefferson County heating contractor with 40-plus years of expertise, identifies several facts pertaining to ductless heating systems that homeowners should know.

  • Ductless heating systems appeal to the Jefferson County homeowner looking to save energy. The ductless technology enables occupants to individually heat rooms without consuming energy for the entire home.


  • Even though central heating and air conditioning is an effective approach to heating and cooling the home, it is prone to energy losses. Duct leaks coupled with other heating and cooling problems account for 20 percent of the losses associated with a central heating and air conditioning system.


  • In Europe and Asia, the ductless technology represents a preferred form of heating and air conditioning the home. In recent years, U.S markets have warmed to these ductless heating systems for the following reasons: space saving, quiet operating, and energy conservation.


  • A spokesperson from Hoffmann Brothers heating and air conditioning claims: “Without relying on ducts to condition a room, the ductless heating system is retrofit. In the garage, a new addition or confined spaces, a ductless system warms a space without occupying additional space in the room.


  • Ductless heating systems afford comfortable climate control without wasting energy.


  • Not all ductless heating systems afford the same type of air quality. Only EnergyStar qualified ductless systems provide genuine energy conservation. Since these heating and air conditioning systems must pass stringent testing and accommodate specific energy standards.


  • Low noise volume presents another redeeming quality of the ductless technology.


  • Ductless heating systems enable Jefferson County homeowners the ability to shrink the carbon footprint.


  • Unlike some standard heating and cooling systems where ceiling and ductwork issues can impede installation, the ductless technology allows for simple retrofits. These fast installations enable Jefferson County homeowners to enjoy comfortable, energy efficient conditioned air – in no time.


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