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Ask the Collinsville Heating Contractor

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Ask the Heating maintenance expert:


Hi Heating Contractor,


We live in Collinsville, Illinois, and last year we bought a brand new energy efficient furnace, humidifier and a programmable thermostat. I have a running bet with my neighbor that when you buy a new heating system it does not need any maintenance for the first five years. Am I right?


- Collinsville homeowner


Good day,

Unfortunately, we have to side with your neighbor. Would you buy a new car and defer an oil change for the first five years because it is “new”? Heating systems, regardless of how old or new, call for annual maintenance. Here are four reasons to budget for preventative HVAC maintenance each year:


  • Loose parts.

When components of the heating system are improperly attached it can hinder the efficiency of your comfort system, this means higher utility bills. Loose parts can also cause the heater to malfunction. With preventative HVAC maintenance, homeowners save the time and money of premature parts’ replacements.


Hoffmann Brothers’ provides the homeowners of Collinsville several opportunities to save on their next heating or cooling house call. On Hoffmann Brothers’ website, customers can visit the discount page to score a heating service-call discount.


  • Clean heating unit.

With any machinery in perpetual use, ridding all the parts of corrosive materials boosts its energy efficiency by 10 percent. Additionally, a well maintained heating system ensures good indoor air quality.


  • Fewer heating repairs and replacements.

With preventative HVAC maintenance, homeowners make fewer heating repair calls and equipment replacements. At the time of the heating check up, a good heating service contractor will tweak the unit to improve its efficiency.





  • Safety matters.

Regardless of the age of a Collinsville home’s comfort system, preventative maintenance also assures safety. From combustion to carbon monoxide poisoning, the home’s heating system should have an annual checkup.


We hope we helped clarify why regular system maintenance is important. If you have any more questions regarding HVAC systems feel free to contact us at 314-664-3001.




Your Collinsville Heating Contractor


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