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Four Fixes Bound for an Energy Savings in Des Peres, MO

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Why pay more for heating and cooling your home than necessary? Des Peres heating and cooling contractor prescribes four fixes on curtailing your annual energy bills.

Program it.

Programmable thermostats integrate with many mobile devices, giving homeowners in

Des Peres the opportunity to cut the cost of his or her home’s annual energy bill. The ENERGY STAR Program reports homeowners save as much as 15 percent of their annual energy bills with the installation and proper use of a programmable thermostat.

During the day, when your Des Peres household is vacant, reduce the thermostat’s temperature to between 67 and 70 degrees. Anticipate a one percent savings on your energy costs for every degree reduced on the thermostat

Seal it.

By nature, air ducts are prone to waste energy. However, the right sealant quells those heating and cooling losses.

BLOCK QUOTE: “We use Aerosol to reduce the energy losses associated with air ducts,” discloses a technician of Hoffmann Brothers Heating and Cooling.

Maintain it.

“If your furnace, boiler or heating system have not had a tune up this year, you’re most likely losing money each day. Residential heating and cooling systems are comparable to an automobile engine.

Annual maintenance is necessary for several reasons: safety, energy efficiency and reliable performance. Every year your heating system ages, it loses five percent of its efficiency. To protect an HVAC’s performance, preventative maintenance is a necessity.

Replace it.

Several utility rebates are available from local utility companies: Ameren Missouri, Cuivre River Electric and Laclede customers in Des Peres. If your home’s heating and cooling system is approaching 13 years or more, save money now by redeeming any available tax credits or rebates for an upgrade.

“These rebates generally go fast in Des Peres, MO.”, so don’t miss any of these opportunities to maximize your home’s energy savings. Also, if you’re considering an upgrade to more energy efficient equipment, hire an HVAC contractor in Des Peres, who has a reputation for making precise installations.

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