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Four Reasons to Schedule an AC Tune-up This Season?

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Clayton Air-Conditioning Pro Reveals Energy-Saving Secret

An air-conditioning meltdown is an inevitable occurrence for the Clayton household that foregoes an AC tune up. Because air conditioners are exposed to dust and condensation, these cooling systems necessitate an annual checkup, referred to as preventative maintenance.

Why is preventative maintenance or an AC tune up essential each year?

Between use and being dormant, an air-conditioning unit accumulates debris. The dirt collection impedes its ability to cool the home. As a result, an AC will work harder to keep the home cool, ultimately exerting more and more energy. Overtime, this obstructs the cooling system’s airflow, rendering a malfunction.

“In Clayton, these air-conditioning systems malfunctions generally happen on the sultriest day of the year. That’s when we’re inundated with emergency AC repair calls. That’s why now’s a good time to schedule and AC tune up,” comments a customer service representative of
Hoffmann Brothers heating and cooling.

An AC tune up impacts a Clayton home in four vital areas: comfort, indoor air quality, energy savings, and repair costs. The US Department of Energy advises homeowners to schedule preventative maintenance to avert malfunctions and unforeseen costs.

Claim a savings on your next AC Tune up

A standard AC tune up (preventative maintenance) involves inspecting cleaning and tweaking this abbreviated list of check points:

  • Evaluate the air-conditioners controls when it's powered on.
  • Remove debris accumulation around evaporator and condenser coils. (Dirty coils pose a number of ramifications on an air-conditioning system, preventing cooling performance, extended run times, extortionate increasing energy costs and a shortened equipment life).
  • Gauge electrical voltage, and the current on the air conditioning unit’s motor.
  • Lubricate the air-conditioner's parts to counter friction and wasted energy
  • Inspect the condensate drain to ensure that there are not any obstructions when the system is in the cooling mode).
  • Check for loose parts such as electrical connections and measure voltage and current on motors. Faulty electrical connections are a detriment to an AC’s safety, performance and longevity.

Schedule an AC tune up at 314-664-3011.

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