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Heating System Maintenance Protects Residential Properties in Jefferson County

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Missouri households require a yearly heating system check up. An annual inspection of the home’s comfort system skirts the safety risks associated with an improperly maintained heating system. In Jefferson County, furnaces, boilers and other heating system components require annual inspections to ensure safety. As some homeowners perceive HVAC preventative maintenance as an optional household task, the home’s comfort system should be checked each year as a safety precaution and to ensure energy savings.

According to the heating and cooling contractor Hoffmann Brothers, “The lethal combination of combustive gases and house air is a recipe for a hazardous scenario. This is another reason that the furnace, heat exchanger, boiler and other heating system parts need to be inspected each year by a professional heating specialist.”

When a heating and air conditioning contractor from Hoffmann Brothers conducts HVAC maintenance for the households of Jefferson County, the checkup entails dozens of steps to account for safety and energy efficiency. Here is a short list of tasks that Hoffmann performs during preventative maintenance:

  • Check the home for carbon monoxide (CO).
  • Modulate the air supply temperature.
  • Clean, adjust and lubricate the blower control.
  • Inspect the combustion chamber inspected for fissures and other visible problems.
  • Remove dirt, soot, or corrosion from the furnace or boiler.
  • Run diagnostics on the hot water system, checking the high limit control, the pressure tank, and pressure release valve.
  • Analyze both high water and low water safety controls.
  • Evaluate water in the boiler to determine if it has the right mixture of chemicals to prevent corrosion and debris accumulation.
  • Remove any soot and dirt accumulation on the heat exchanger.
  • Fill and seal all connections leading from the furnace to the main duct system.
  • Monitor the heating unit’s fuel input and the flames settings.

Fires, gas leaks and combustion due to undetected heating problems are generally avoidable catastrophes. In the event of a fire, gas leak or explosion, some Missouri insurance companies do not always cover damage and losses caused by an improperly maintained heating system. From spring to the end of autumn when the heating unit is not in use, it is vulnerable to debris accumulation, loose components and inept energy efficiency.

Schedule your system’s heating maintenance to protect your home from any HVAC related incidents this fall and winter.

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