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Minor Tweaks Warrant Big Energy Savings in Clayton Missouri

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Meteorologists are forecasting a colder, snowier and blustery winter this year in Missouri. This means that the households of Clayton will be running the central heating unit overtime. Given the looming fuel costs in Missouri, some homeowners may try to trim energy costs, but Hoffmann Brothers prescribes that owners balance energy savings with safety and comfort.

It's tempting to turn off the heater or furnace when the home is vacant in an attempt to improve energy savings, but powering the heat off when the temperature is below freezing can lead to damaged or even broken pipes. If you want to reduce spending while maintaining home comfort, invest in an Energy Star qualified programmable thermostat. These remote climate controllers enable homeowners to maximize energy savings by setting the temperature to adjust based on the time of day and occupancy. When everyone leaves for work, school or play, set the thermostat three to ten degrees below the temperature it is when the home is occupied, this will ensure maximum efficiency.

Dust and dirt are often the cause of energy inefficiency. Maintaining the home's energy efficiency entails making regular air filter replacements and performing regular system maintenance. Clogged air filters impede the furnaces ability to warm the home, and result in poor indoor air quality which can increase the likelihood of sickness. Also, when dirt and dust block the home’s heating system more energy is required to warm the household.

Annual furnace care extends the life of the home's heating system, so before the chilly temperatures set in, schedule preventative maintenance for your HVAC system. In Clayton, energy savings market research shows that residential property owners curtail energy expenses a minimum of 15 with an annual heating inspection.

Furnaces 10 years or older lack the energy efficiency associated with today's Energy Star qualified heating systems. The Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandate that HVAC system be manufactured with specific annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rates. Replacing outdated and energy inefficient home comfort systems can curtail heating costs by up to 25 percent each year.

Whether you need a programmable thermostat or an entirely new heating system, depend on Hoffmann Brothers for a warm winter of energy saving in Clayton Missouri. Follow the link marked heating in Clayton to schedule a house all.

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