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Some Spring Cleaning Chores Are a Necessity for Healthy IAQ

Posted by on in Indoor Air Quality
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Although spring-cleaning seems like a chore of yesteryear, for health reasons, some tasks cannot be ignored. Over the winter months, there's a lack of fresh air in St. Louis household. This deficit of clean air makes for poor indoor air quality (IAQ), a genesis for airborne contaminants and other respiratory side effects.

To minimize allergens and alleviate poor indoor air quality here are seven spring-cleaning tips not to skip.

St. Louis Indoor Air Quality Tips


  • Clear shelves, counters and other household surfaces, where dust accumulation is common. Apply a dry dust cloth, and then follow up with a moist cloth sprayed with an antibacterial cleaner or a natural-cleaning agent (i.e. distilled vinegar).

“Remember that household products known to contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are toxic for indoor air quality and found in some all purpose cleaners,” reminds an indoor air quality (IAQ) specialist of the St. Louis AC company.

  • Cleaning the air conditioner’s vents plays a key role to indoor IAQ. In home with a central air-cooling system, vents should be clear of dust and debris. St. Louis AC air conditioning experts recommend that it’s okay to vacuum particles out of the unit’s vent. Repeat this process throughout the home.
  • Two significant advantages benefit the annual air conditioning tune up: 1) It maximizes your AC’s cooling efficiency. 2) It stretches the ACs longevity.
  • Shampoo rugs and carpets to remove pet dander and dust mites.
  • Clean blinds, window dressings and windowsills, where dirt and dust often accumulate over the winter. (Use a vacuum to clear particles from windowsills, and follow up with a moist cloth sprayed with an antibacterial all-purpose cleaner. In the event, you open the window; you don’t want debris blowing back into the home).
  • Updating the air filter replacement is a facet of indoor air quality. The heating and air conditioning unit’s filter calls for a replacement every 30-days.
  • An air conditioning tune up is a component of spring-cleaning in St. Louis. Because an HVAC contractor removes particle matter buildup, the annual AC maintenance enhances the home’s indoor air quality and the AC unit’s energy consumption.

Here’s a discount for your next air conditioning maintenance call in St. Louis.

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