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St. Louis Heating Systems Contractor Cautions CO Poisoning Advice for Holiday Entertaining

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While spontaneous combustion is a trending topic on the Internet, carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning is a reality for many American households and one of the most underrated and reported tragedies of the holiday season. The business of meal preparation and keeping the home comfy and toasty during Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and other holiday celebrations can expeditiously go wrong. Environments with insufficient ventilation and moisture are vulnerable to CO poisoning. Hoffmann Brothers, a name synonymous with quality heating systems in St. Louis presents intelligence on safe holiday entertaining.

Healthy indoor air quality also entails adequate ventilation. To prevent CO fatalities, always have the heating system inspected by a licensed HVAC contractor before the winter season commences.

In smaller sized homes and apartments, try to bake the turkey in the oven with windows and/or a door cracked to promote cross ventilation. Outdoor cooking appliances, such as gas and charcoal burning grills, are unsuitable for cooking the Thanksgiving dinner inside. This tenet applies to the fireplace too. Grilling the turkey indoors on the hearth as well as using charcoal grill indoors is a detrimental hazard.

Enclosed rooms are hypersensitive to carbon monoxide poisoning. Inadequately vented gas appliances attribute to the leading cause of carbon monoxide poisoning. Improperly placed and maintained space heaters, kerosene heating units, fireplaces, and generators are a combustion atrocity waiting to transpire.

The installation of a carbon monoxide detector prevents CO poisoning, which interrupts the arteries ability to transport blood to the tissues, the brain, heart and other vital organs. A feeling of lethargy, nausea, headaches, disorientation and dizziness are symptomatic of carbon monoxide poisoning. Concentrated levels of carbon monoxide are fatal.

An annual inspection of the gas furnace, and the entire heating system prevent CO poisoning and other combustible tragedies. Contact Hoffmann Brothers to inspect your home’s heating system for a safe and momentous Thanksgiving Day dinner.

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