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University City Be Ready for an Emergency

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Hoffmann Brothers encourages University City residents to observe National Preparedness awareness month, this September.

If your University City household does not have an emergency disaster plan, September is a good month to develop a contingency blueprint and emergency kit," endorses safety advocate, Robert Hoffmann.

“As the owner of a heating and cooling company, I preach to my employees the importance of safety, specifically on house calls," shares Mr. Hoffmann, who is also owner and founder of Hoffmann Brothers Heating and Cooling.

1) Start with an emergency kit if your home does not already have one.

  • What are the contents of an emergency kit?Flashlights, batteries, an emergency (solar) crank radio kit with solar, food supplies for two weeks, a hazmat mask, maps, one to two gallons of water a day per person, hand sanitizer and other emergency goods.
  • Does your home have a lower level room, void of windows? During a tornado watch, meteorologists recommend that people seek shelter in subterranean spaces.
  • What is the evacuation route from your home in the event of a flood, tornado or other disaster?
  • Where should the occupants of your home meet in the event of an evacuation? Select a church or another public landmark to have family members converge in the event of a crisis.
  • Remember to test fire detectors and carbon monoxide testers.
  • “Furnaces, water heaters, and air conditioning systems call for annual inspections to prevent fires, carbon monoxide poisoning and other combustive scenarios,” urges Robert Hoffmann, founder and owner of Hoffmann Brothers.

2) The next step of the emergency preparation is developing a plan of action. Refer to the following checklist to create an emergency plan for your University City household.

3) Several other household tests can ready your home for a crisis or prevent a tragedy.

4) Try to keep an emergency stash of cash. Figure $150 per family occupant

5) For additional tips on being ready for an emergency

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